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1824 - The Four Kings, Peter's latest novel is now available, via Kindle only. See BOOKS for full details.

The new novel is a little different from previous offerings. Peter explains:

"I first wrote 1824 a quarter of a century ago. It is a "What If" based on the idea that Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo and the French successfully landed in England. They occupied the south-east, whereupon a truce was called and a ten-year treaty signed. Nine years later, though..."

It is a fun story but ended up in the infamous bottom drawer. However, 2024 arrived and with it a big birthday for Peter. A celebration was called for. Out of the drawer came the story - some additions and new jokes and suddenly it is the biggest (and possibly most ambitious) book Peter has yet written.


Published late in 2023, The Combined Operation is (at the moment!) a stand-alone novel introducing a new set of characters inspired by some of Peter's favourite writers of historical fiction. This was so enjoyable to write, a second adventure is underway, due to appear in 2025.


Peter's introductory talk about the period, "Love & War, Sherry & Tripe", has been warmly received all over the country (last airings, Stamford Georgian Festival and Buxton's Devonshire Dome). He has also crafted different talks for specific events or anniversaries.
There is a talk ("Balls, Belles and Bugles") around the Waterloo story and "Fact or Fiction" focuses on the historical novelist's challenge in telling the tale. A social history talk, "The Home Front" had its debut before the discerning audience at the East Midlands Napoleonic Days in 2018 and new for 2019 was "The Senior Service", examines how the Royal Navy helped shape our history. "Napoleon: Master or Monster?"  made its debut in 2020, anticipating the latest Hollywood movie.

To arrange a talk contact Peter at

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