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THE COMBINED OPERATION, Peter's latest novel is now available, via Kindle and in hard-copy. See BOOKS for full details.

THE SPYGLASS, a companion short story, is available FREE on Kindle.


Peter is working on a new novel, 1824 - The Four Kings, due for publication in Spring next year. A further project is also underway, as yet untitled.


Peter's introductory talk about the period, "Love & War, Sherry & Tripe", has been warmly received all over the country (last airings, Stamford Georgian Festival and Buxton's Devonshire Dome). He has also crafted different talks for specific events or anniversaries.
There is a talk ("Balls, Belles and Bugles") around the Waterloo story and "Fact or Fiction" focuses on the historical novelist's challenge in telling the tale. A social history talk, "The Home Front" had its debut before the discerning audience at the East Midlands Napoleonic Days in 2018 and new for 2019 was "The Senior Service", examines how the Royal Navy helped shape our history. "Napoleon: Master or Monster?"  made its debut in 2020, anticipating the latest Hollywood movie.

To arrange a talk contact Peter at

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