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Napoleonic Days


Ties of Blood: 8

The Peninsular War has come to an end, Lord Wellington's triumpharant redcoat army winning its final victories in the south of France. Napoleon is in exile and, in Paris and Vienna, the politicians debate Europe's future.

But the men who have campaigned for six long years wonder what their own futures might hold. Officers worry about half-pay and a lack of opportunities for advancement. Ordinary soldiers ask themselves where their next posting might be? For some, thoughts turn to home and family, long neglected in the interests of duty.

But Britain is still at war. Since 1812 a small redcoat army has been attempting to thwart the United States' attempts to take Canada; the ships of the Royal Navy have been duelling with the Americans' heavy frigates and privateers. With the fighting at an end in Europe, the British turn their eyes across the Atlantic.

For the characters of the much-loved Ties of Blood series, the fast-paced drama shifts from country to country, as history-defining events take place on two continents. Battles are fought, not only with musket and sword, but by diplomacy and cunning.

The eighth tale in the acclaimed Ties of Blood series, "The Dawn's Early Light" moves on from the Peninsular War to document the world-changing events of the years 1814/15. The story is told through the usual winning blend of solid histoical fact and fast-paced historical fiction.

The Dawn's Early Light - continuing the Ties of Blood adventures of Herryck and Blunt.

Published December 2014

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