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Napoleonic Days


Peter has been invited to give talks all over the country. His subjects vary from general overviews of the period to detailed examinations of specific campaigns. 

So far, an interesting list of venues has included barracks, museums, a gunpowder mill, galleries, guildhalls, drill-hall, courtrooms, marquees, posh stables, ballrooms, front rooms, a castle, chapels, barn, hotels, Georgian pump room, stately homes and, er - Batman's Wayne Manor (actually Elizabethan Wollaton Hall, which starred in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises").

Talks available include:

"Love and War, Sherry and Tripe" - how people lived, what they ate and drank, their love-lives and other leisure-pursuits

"Fake News: Fact and Fiction" - examing the reliability (or not) of what we think we know about the period

"Balls, Belles and Bugles" - Waterloo and some of the famous characters involved in the battle and its build-up

"The Home Front" - what was happening in England while the war was being fought overseas

"The Senior Service" - a look at the Napoleonic period navy by an army writer!

"Napoleon: Master or Monster" - almost guaranteed to cause a heated debate!

If you would like Peter to give a talk, get in touch:

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