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Alone With Glory
The Colour of Blood
A Different Kind of War
The Hardest Fight
The Blast of War
Even To The Knife
The Other Side of the Hill
The Dawn's Early Light
A Battle Lost and Won
Take, Burn or Destroy.
A Dozen Bakers
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Napoleonic Days


River Trilogy: 1

The early  Victorian period was a time of great change in England. The coming of the Industrial Revolution meant that, for many, life moved  far more quickly than in earlier days. The railway, steamships and improved roads saw everything, even news itself, delivered more rapidly than ever before.

The way people thought was changing too, better information allowing many to question long-established values. Great Britain had a growing empire and enjoyed the biggest share of the world's trade. But not everybody benefited from the country's prosperity. This was not only the time of the Great Exhibition, showcasing British power and expertise, but also an epoch of famine, poverty and disease.

PROMISE, the first novel in The River Trilogy, shines a light on this fascinating era through the experiences of a group of young friends entering adulthood together. Theirs is a new landscape of artistic and scientific wonders, challenging ideas, warfare and harship. Going out into the world from their comfortable homes, many of these individuals discover a harsher reality, as each struggles to make their mark on Victorian society.

From the author of the acclaimed Ties of Blood series of Georgian novels, PROMISE introduces an engaging new cast of characters who suggest that Victoria's England was anything but dull, with creativity, conflict and passion never far away.


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