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River Trilogy: 2

The second novel in the River Trilogy, DESIRE follows the increasingly complicated fortunes of the cast of characters originally encountered in the first title, PROMISE. These enterprising young men and women are intent on forging their futures in the heat of Victoria's England in the mid-19th Century.

The action picks up the late 1850s, with Great Britain fast developing as an industrial power and flexing her international muscle. Overseas, the growing empire finds itself confronting challenges in India, the Far East and elsewhere. Opportunities abound, but often go hand in hand with danger. In the United States, often at odds with London, the increasing domestic tension between North and South threatens to explode into open conflict.

At home, it is a time of opportunity for those with the necessary drive and ambition to to see the possibilities offered by the country's progress. Fortunes are being made, relationships established, reputations won and lost. Among the young friends we see making their way, there is a driving hunger for success, which manifests itself in different ways for each of them. Love, wealth, social advancement, and creative talent variously colour their hopes.

From the author of the acclaimed Ties of Blood series of Georgian novels, DESIRE explores universal themes of love and death, passion and loyalty, guilt and betrayal, all of this against the backdrop of a world struggling to adjust to the realities of ever-quickening change.


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