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Napoleonic Days


There are literally thousands of books about the Peninsular War and countless more covering the greater Napoleonic period, especially Waterloo. As the series progresses we’ll look at different titles. The publishers listed here are those who printed the copy I read!

Let’s make a start...
To really get your teeth into the subject, here are three famous serial works:

A History of the Peninsular War                Sir Charles Oman        Greenhill

History of the War in the Peninsula            William Napier            Constable

A History of the British Army (vols 4-10)    Sir John Fortescue       Cassell

All are fascinating, offering different styles and interpretations – my own favourite is  Oman
For a general, enjoyable  one-volume read, try the following:

Wellington, the Years of the Sword            Elizabeth Longford       Panther

The Peninsular War                                  Michael Glover            Penguin

Wellington in the Peninsula                       Jac Weller                  Greenhill

The Peninsular War                                 Charles Esdaile            Allen Lane

Wellington at War in the Peninsula            Ian C Robertson           Leo Cooper

The Years of Victory                                 Arthur Bryant               Collins 

To War with Wellington                             Peter Snow                  John Murray

More specific to the story of the campaigns:

Life of Sir John Moore                               Roger Day                      Pen & Sword

March of Death                                        Christopher Summerville  Greenhill

Corunna                                                  Philip Haythornthwaite     Osprey

Talavera, Wellington's First Victory            Andrew W Field              Pen & Sword

Wellington Against Massena                    David Buttery                  Pen & Sword

The Lines of Torres Vedras                       John Grehan                   Spellmount

Albuera                                                   Peter Edwards                Crowood

The Battle of Albuera                               Oliver & Partridge             Pen & Sword

In Hell Before Daylight (Badajoz)               Ian Fletcher                    Chambers Green

Salamanca 1812                                     Rory Muir                        Yale

Wellington Invades France                       Ian C Robertson               Greenhill 

1812: War With America                         Jon Latimer                      Belknap Harvard

The 95th In America                                Smith/Surtees                  Leonaur

When Britain Burned the White House      Peter Snow                     John Murray

Waterloo                                                Tim Clayton                     Little, Brown

Wellington at Waterloo                            Jac Weller                       Frontline

A Near Run Thing                                    David Howarth                 Collins

A Desperate Business                             Ian Fletcher                     Spellmount        

There are a lot of titles dealing with more detailed aspects of the war, or with the way of life of those involved. Some of those I have found interesting are:

Intelligence Officer in the Peninsula        Julia Page                      Spellmount

An Engineer Officer Under Wellington *   Lt Rice Jones                 Ken Trotman

Wellington’s Army                                Michael Glover                David & Charles

Peninsular War Almanac                      Philip Haythornthwaite     Brassey

Men of Steel                                        Michael Crumplin            Quiller

Wellington’s Army                                Sir Charles Oman            Greenhill

Inside Wellington's Peninsular Army      Burnham etc                   Pen & Sword

Napoleon's Army                                  HCB Rogers                    Pen & Sword

Redcoats Against Napoleon                  Carole Divall                    Pen & Sword   

The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes  Mark Urban                    Faber 

Wellington at War in the Peninsula        Ian C Robertson             Leo Cooper 

Wellington's Regiments                        Ian Fletcher                   Spellmount 

Wellington's Headquarters                    SGP Ward                    Oxford Univ.

The Dickson Manuscripts                     Alexander Dickson         Ken Trotman

Journal of the Sieges                           Sir John Jones               British Library

British Sieges of the Pen. War             Frederick Myatt              Spellmount   

*There are, of course, countless diaries and recollections published by those who were there (or claim to have been!). Many are in print and usually offer up valuable insights into these fascinating few years.
For research on the web, here are a couple of good general sites which will lead you on to more detailed studies if you wish...
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