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Take, Burn or Destroy.
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Ties of Blood: 11

Peter Youds's Ties of Blood series of novels traces the lives, loves and adventures of a large cast of characters who find themselves thrown together with some of the most memorable real-life figures of the Napoleonic Wars. Now comes the series' first collection of short stories.

The leading players in the sequence of novels are rounded characters, often with interesting pasts, but the fast pace of the full-length books does not always allow for expansion of all these intriguing goings-on. The thirteen tales in this collection go some way to adding mortar to the strong stone-work of the series, involving key players in a number of dramatic encounters.

The eleventh title in the Ties of Blood series, A Dozen Bakers covers a lot of ground. The action takes place over a thirty year period and is located in half a dozen European countries. The sequence looks at the back-stories of a number of characters readers have come to know through the novels, but each tale stands up as a self-contained story.

While the novels trace many of the big events of the Peninsular War, the War of 1812 and Waterloo,these stories wander off into some intriguing byways. So if you want to know about Sir John Moore being invited to invade Russia, Nelson at Cadiz, how Britain won the Battle of Leipzig or Lord Wellington's counterfeiting racket - A Dozen Bakers is for you!


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