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Ties of Blood: 3

Tom Herryck is working on a top secret engineering project, while his half-brother Robert Blunt is preparing his regiment to face the French. Young Ned Truelove is learning his rifleman’s trade as the Light Division fights daring duels with the enemy on the border. Isobel Truelove is once again caught up in perilous espionage and her cousin Rico continues to fight his one-man war against the invaders.

But Napoleon has sent more troops under a new commander – the tough veteran Marshal Massena – with orders to sweep the British into the sea. Soon the French are laying siege to the border fortresses and the 1810 campaign explodes into life. Can the allies hold on to Portugal or will the odds count in favour of the French at last?

The rules of was dictate the British must lose – but the rules are about to change.

A Different Kind of War – continuing to follow the Peninsular War adventures of Herryck and Blunt.

Published summer 2010

© Peter Youds 2008